Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Arizona and Nevada Part 2

Saturday, we left early for Vegas to hang out with our daughter, Kara’s, boyfriend while she was busy with Maid of Honor stuff. We picked him up from the Excalibur then went looking for the Chapel of the Flowers where the wedding we were attending was being held. Then went looking for lunch and found a Carl’s Junior about a block away, it stank and needed cleaning but it was food. Then walked back to the chapel and waited for the wedding party to arrive.

Katie was absolutely beautiful and their ceremony was wonderful. Katie and Zack will be an amazing married couple and we are very happy for them. The reception was held at the Excalibur in the Italian restaurant, oh my gosh, there was so much food and a lot of nice people. After the reception we hung out with Kara and Luke before heading back to Kingman.

Funny thing is, the whole time we were enjoying the wedding there was this underlying sadness that I felt before at 2 other weddings. With the first two it was more about Shanny not being there to see the weddings as she had planned to. The thing the three have income though is the fact Shanny will never have a wedding of her own. This time it was easier to keep those thought at bay until we were on the way back to Kingman. The large group was another hard part used a game on my phone to help me cope with being around so many people. As soon as we got back to Kingman I sat down wrote out all the positive things that happened on Saturday in the journal to Shanny.
Sunday, went to the car museum in Laughlin at a casino, I can’t remember the name of it but there some very old cars there, I really liked the tow truck. We also went out to breakfast at a restaurant called Grandpa’s that took a long time but the food was worth the wait, yum. We also visited a swap meet where I found a bird I wanted to bring home but I am pretty sure Doug would have said no and it’s long drive I am not sure it would have survived the ride home with us and Trip.

Monday, while we were loading up the car, Trip kept jumping in and out of it like he was either rushing us to get packed up or making sure we didn’t leave him behind like we did on two of our adventures. LOL maybe is was a little of both. We hit Tonopa, Nevada in time for lunch and stopped at this place called the Banc Club and Doug went in to order us lunch wile I walked Trip. He ordered us the lunch special of Orange Chicken, ugh, the fried rice was as inedible as it looked and the chicken tasted nothing like orange chicken and the egg roles were gross, we didn’t finish it and tossed it at the first rest stop we came too. We booked a room at the Harrah in Reno, when we decided we didn’t want to drive clear to Klamath Falls in the dark and Doug had always wanted to stay there at least once (since he was a kid). The room was pet friendly and the food from the noodle place was decent. The only three problems we had were the place for dogs to do their business outside was to small and had no grass, then of course there was the additional exorbitant charge for the pet friendly room and the noisy people (who wanted to party until dawn) in the room next to us. The room was clean and roomy and Trip did well except when the neighbors got loud.

Today, we are on the final leg of our rode trip and should be arriving in Klamath Falls before to long. Then from there. home, so far, we have had to hit almost every rest stop, thanks to whatever I ate yesterday, so I am uncertain our exact return time. I am eager to see my Grandpuppy but I am not looking forward to going back to work.

As I was getting this post ready to go live Doug was pulled over by a nice officer who only gave him warning. 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Arizona and Nevada

We are in Arizona, it was a good drive and I got a lot of prep work done on the reviews that I am behind on. Doug was right I needed a road trip, they are the best trips in the world. Tomorrow we go to Vegas for a wedding then we will come back to Kingman and continue our visit with my Mom-In-Law and her husband. LOL also need to make sure we get a picture of the Challenger on Route 66.

We left Wednesday after work then took a nap at the rest stop between Weed and Redding. Then we went over the mountains and Trip got to check out the snow but he didn't seem impressed with it and frustrated because he could explore the way he wanted to.

Thursday we stop at a pizza place in Tonopa, Nevada for lunch and there was a book store across the street so Trip and I went to see if they had stickers or something I could put in the Shanny journal, which is of course with me, but they didn't have anything. I had started looking for things to go into the journal 2 years ago, when I realized that Shanny wasn't going to get to see the world the way she wanted to. I guess I am trying to help her attain that goal in someway.

Today we are just getting started and I am taking the time to write and we will see how the rest of the day progresses. But right now I feel relaxed and my stomach is not in knots and I can think, maybe I will get one of those reviews written today too.

Trip handle the car ride like a pro and he was much more relaxed on this adventure then the previous ones. He is getting older and I think that helps some. Now he is happily playing with the other dogs here.

I also decided to try to do a good thing but it backfired on me but felt like I really had to try, I guess some people just can't be reasoned with. But I had to try because I believe in my community so much and feel like anyone bashing it isn't getting the full picture. I guess people are right I can't change the world.

Sunday, April 7, 2019


This weekend has not been a good one for writing. To many thoughts to process and to much back ground noise and not enough quiet. In other words to much TV. 

I am almost packed for our trip to Vegas and Kingman, I am looking forward to it because I seem to do my best writing when we are on the road or camping. Crazy, right? But it's true. We are taking Trip and he will undoubtedly have a great time, he loves road trips.

We had a counselling appointment yesterday and it was a good one. Doug and I both came away from it in a good place. I still feel sad and angry about Shanny but I don't feel it over whelming me at the moment so that is good (I think).  

Work was hard last week and I am glad that week is over and that I only have to work 3 days this week. I wish we could have more vacation days. Shit I wish that when you hit a certain age you could work but not so hard you feel like you will never get to live to retirement, some days I feel like that so I went and picked the exact day Doug and I WILL at least semi retire. I want to see more of the United States and actually visit Canada before I am to old the go anywhere and seeing as I am now 50 I would say that the time frame is getting smaller for such adventures. Wouldn't you?

I better get back to finishing up the laundry so I can finish packing and have close for work. Besides I don't have much to say today. 

Sunday, March 31, 2019

It's Today

It's Sunday and I was actually planning to write yesterday but I was really busy Friday night and Saturday playing catch up on my books blog (still need to write a review but I am getting there).

Friday after work Doug surprised me with a trip to this new place across from the Post Office called Carlton Wellness Studio. They do massages and it was amazing, I was so relaxed and I got a reprieve from the leg cramps that I have been getting almost every night for the last 2 weeks, they were worse Wednesday and Thursday. Then for dinner we went to the Horse Radish and had sandwiches and soup and the prices were decent. The meat and cheese appetizer was a bit over the top price wise but the rest of our meal was well priced and very delicious. it was a very good way to end an insane work week at job where bad management and back biting are the rule of the day, I am not looking forward to Doug and I going back tomorrow. December 21, 2025 will be here before I know, then we can retire.

Today I am writing (obviously) and working on laundry while waiting for a call from the pet groomers. I schedule a spa day for both Trip and Gibbs. Trip's fur is so long it was practically covering his eyes and he needs his nails trimmed so a spa day was a good thing. Gibbs is a big dog and a sweet but a lot of work for my daughter to bath plus he needed his nails trimmed to so I figured it would be fun to give them a spa day together. They should be done in a few hours. Those two were so cute this morning. Gibbs was eager to meet the dog on the other side of the door and was not eager when it came time for us to hand. Trip was ready to go, he strutted right in ready to be pampered. 

Just got back from getting the dogs. Gibbs couldn't get to his mama fast enough and Trip was whining but patient  but now he can see again for about 3 months. They did find 5 fat fleas on Trip so they used flea shampoo on him and I gave him his flea drop as soon as we got home. Hopefully that will work out because that was the first time he has need them. Trip is a year and three months old and the sweetest puppy, he goes practically everywhere with us and sleeps right above my head at night. 

Time to go, I just realized that there was a project I need to get done before stuff rolls in and I forget it again. 

Thank you for listening.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

It's The Weekend

I almost didn't go to work yesterday, but I decided to go and talk with someone in HR and I am glad I did, it was a positive thing to do and probably the right thing to do.

Today we had a meeting for Shanny's Run and I am feeling good about the direction we are going in and I am looking forward to the day of Shanny's Run in June.

We still have our counseling appointment in a little bit, not to excited about it. But it is a good thing to do, I hope.

I signed up for a grief study and worked on it last night. I am unsure about it but I am hoping for it's success so it might help others.

I keep falling a sleep today so I have been working on this post for over an hour, probably should not have stayed up till 1 in the morning but oh well. We had to install a new faucet in the kitchen so that didn't get done till almost 9 because of half a dozen runs into Mac. To crazy. I am trying to clear the cobwebs out of my brain so I can write a review without so much blockage but I wont get far if I keep dozing off. 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Some Good And Some UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of the past 30 days have been pretty decent even with the cold I had for most of February. I made it down to Shanny's memorial and cleaned it up a bit and shared a Dutch Bros Banana Frost with her while I chatted with her (I hadn't planned to stop when I left the house so I had left the journal at home or I would have written to her).

I am looking forward to our trip to Vegas and Kingman next month. I wish we could take the camper (it's easier for me to be away from home when we go places in the camper) but we will be staying with my mother-in-law and her husband and they made it easy for me to do what I need at their house so when I need time out I have the space to take it so I am going to be okay with the trip. I did good on our last major road trip so I hope I can do it again.

The planning for Shanny's Run and Carlton Fundays has started and I am excited for those events, I think Doug is to. I like the monthly meetings and getting to see people that have come to mean a lot to us. We also excited to be starting Shanny's Run at the Fire Department again this year.

I did have a couple of hard moments, one was on the way to the store. I saw a Police Officer on the side of the road like he was there ticketing someone but as I was about to pass him I noticed to cars off the road and debris all over the road. I totally freaked out off course and it just kept progressing with each passing of emergency vehicles with their sirens. I called Doug and he talked me to the store but driving home sucked.

Then last week Kara got sick and needed the humidifier so her door stayed open so her room wouldn't get so humid that it drenched everything so my grandpuppy and my puppy decided it was play time so we didn't get any sleep. The next day Doug started getting sick with the same crud and planned to stay home the next day but again the dogs decided that it was party time and I was so exhausted from all of it I stayed home too. Doug and Kara were home sick for 2 days, my poor husband and daughter.

This week I started feeling sick Monday and stayed home Tuesday but because I didn't want to loose any more vacation time (the company will take from vacation time to cover sick days without even asking, I would rather have sick days unpaid and keep my vacation days intact) I went back to work Wednesday. The problem was I had to run to the restroom every 20 minutes or so, then add in the headache I had from dehydration or the freaking cramps (by the time I hit the truck to go home my pain level was a freaking 7 or 8). So today my lead talked to me about spending to much time going to the restroom, really? I am feeling better today but still had to make a few runs. I asked him if I should just shit my pants instead. Then went to the manager who informed me that my lead already talked to him and told him it was a chronic problem (meaning more then just yesterday and today), taking the leads side in this. And that if I have extenuating circumstances that require so many trips to the bathroom I should see HR. So apparently going to the restroom 3 to 4 times (about the usual number of times in a work day) in an 8 hour period (Way more than that yesterday because of the whole sick thing) is a chronic problem that I need to see HR about to get permission to use the bathroom. I wonder if I need extra permission for the heavier part of my monthly as well. This where the ugh comes in because I really was feeling okay for a change and now I am angry and frustrated and stressed and feeling like I am being punished for being sick. Oh did I mention that all sick time is considered unexcused even when you go to the Doctors and they tell you to stay home, yet they require you to go to the Doctors after being gone for 3 or more days, my question is why should I pay to see my Doctor to get a note when it will still be unexcused anyway and potentially increase the number of days I have to be out of work depending on the problem?

Sorry for the rant. I am just angry because I was okay until today and I had other things I had planned to write about but today just was so stupidly impossible.

Monday, February 25, 2019

It Snowed Today

We woke up to snow today and I really had a hard time with the whole going to work thing. I was scared to leave. I was afraid to let my own kids drive themselves to work. I was bordering on panic almost all freaking day. What if some ass-hat that is driving to fast loses control and slides into the car? What if the kids slide off the road? What if we slide off the road and Doug is hurt? So many 'what if's' I just could get them out of my head. I am so glad I didn't hear any sirens this morning, it would have been a bigger mess then it already felt like. I am so tired. 

Arizona and Nevada Part 2

Saturday, we left early for Vegas to hang out with our daughter, Kara’s, boyfriend while she was busy with Maid of Honor stuff. We picked...